Typically I only post pictures of outfits where I took extra time to piece it together and to also do my hair/makeup.  I don’t want to give off the false impression that I look like that on a constant basis.  Most days I really do not feel like putting on makeup, messing with my hair, putting on a bra, or piecing together a cohesive outfit.  So this is what I look like on the average day when I want to get ready in 5-10 minutes.  My hair/dress were kind of giving me witchy vibes, so I’m pretty fond of this.

Dress ~ SWAK Designs
Shoes ~ Journeys

Flower Crown ~ Petalprops via Etsy
Bag ~ Titinastore via Etsy

Anonymous asked:

You look so good and pretty! so i do many questions: How long time take to lose weight?What is the exercise you do?

I have always looked good and pretty!~*~*~

But I did a Ketogenic diet. I completely cut out gluten and kept my sugars/carbohydrates to a bare minimum to reverse any risk of diabetes that I had. I do free weights followed by 30 minutes of cardio 2 to 3 times a week.